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Solar Dynamics - Solar Savings Calculator

Current Electricity Consumption Results
1 Current Daily Consumption kWh Annual Savings Estimate
2 Current Rate of Peak Power ¢ / kWh Average Daily Production Levels
3 Size of Solar System Savings % of Bill
4 Excess to Grid Rate ¢ / kWh 5 Year Savings
5 Excess Generated to Grid % 10 Year Savings
25 Year Savings
Payback period
Annual Cost of Electricity Daily Gen
Quoted Price received ($) Annual Consumption
Feed-in tariff type net metering Total Cost
Electricity Increase per year Daily Savings
Service Cost  
Savings based on 10% increase in power per year  

How to Use the Solar Calculator

Complete all the white sections

1 Your Current average daily consumption as listed on your electricity bill.
2 Your current cost of peak Electricity per kwh as per your electricity bill.
3 Size of system you have been quoted for or looking for.
4 Excess to Grid Rate
5 Excess to Grid Percent


*Savings Calculator is provided as a tool for estimating the impact solar will have on your property.

*Output levels are calculated using the Clean Energy Council guidelines for Melbourne based on a true north aspect.

*Losses in performance can be apparent based on factors not limited to angle and direction of panels on you roof, shade impact, maintenance and cleanliness of panels as just some examples.

*ROI and Pay back periods calculated using your factor of Electricity Increases per year

*Savings calculated at reducing your bill at the same level you are paying for your Electricity - Any excess feed in Tariffs applicable in your state are NOT taken into account and will affect the savings calculations. Refer to your Electrical retailer as to what tariff you may receive for placing electricity into the grid.

*It is strongly recommended a free onsite visit be arranged with one of our site assessors to clarify your specific situation
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