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Solar Power FAQ

Solar electricity panels are also known as 'Photovoltaic' or PV modules. In simple terms, we've taken the words photo (light) & voltaic (electricity) and made them into a word that's hard to say without a bit of practice. In industry jargon, we call these panels 'PV' because it's much easier to say. 

Solar Panels simply consist of solar cells made of semi conducting materials such as silicone, which convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight is absorbed the solar energy knocks electrons loose from their atoms and the electrons then flow through the silicone cells producing low voltage 'DC' (Direct Current) electricity. 

To make a solar electricity system the solar electricity panels are joined together to form a 'solar array'. The electrical output of the solar array will depend on the number and size of the solar electricity panels used. 

For example, 6 x 300 Watt solar electricity panels generate 1800 Watts, or just under 2 kilowatt of power. 10 x 300 Watt panels represent 300 Watts or 3.0 kilowatts, and so on. In simple terms, the more solar panels, the more kilowatts of electricity can be generated. 

If you'd like further information on sizes of solar electricity systems, simply give us a call on 1300 397 763

Your new solar electricity system generates DC electricity, however because your home runs on 240 volt AC electricity, the solar generated power needs to be converted to 240 volts AC - this is done by your inverter. 

Once your inverter converts the DC to 240 volt AC, the electricity is then fed into your home for direct use and the excess Solar power into the electricity grid or battery 

To find out what inverter options you have, simply give us a call on 1300 397 763

Solar Electric panels generate electricity using the photovoltaic (PV) effect. A number of solar panels are fitted to your roof and convert light into DC electricity. This electricity is fed through an inverter, where it is converted to AC electricity then sent directly to the house for direct consumption first with the excess solar power then directly into the grid. 

When you use electricity you are using either solar generated power or power from the grid if the solar energy is insufficient.

If you are using little or no electricity at the time it's being generated, your solar system is feeding electricity back into the grid and the electric company buys that power from you. 

In effect, your home becomes a mini power station generating electricity to use first and selling it to the grid for use by you or your neighbours. If you consistently generate more electricity than you use, the electricity company may pay you for the excess. 

If you'd like further information on turning your home into a mini power station, simply give us a call on 1300 397 763

Grid connected solar electricity can power your home directly depending on your size of solar system and usage in the home during the daytime.

If not enough solar power is being generated at that time the balance of power is provided by the grid (or battery)

If more than enough solar power is being provided the excess power is sold to the grid (or stored in a battery)

If you'd like further information on selling excess power back to your electricity provider, simply give us a call on 1300 397 763

It is possible to increase the size of your solar electricity system by increasing the amount of solar panels. It is important to be aware that the size of the inverter supplied with your system may need to be upgraded if the amount of power generated exceeds the size of your inverter. 

To find out what sizing options you have, simply give us a call on 1300 397 763

To find out more about turning your home into a mini power station, simply give us a call on 1300 397 763 

In Victoria most properties already have a smart meter.

Installing a solar system will require remote programming of the smart meter to record the excess solar power to the grid. 

It's important to note, our team will be able to assist with the relevant compliance paperwork, and grid connection but the programming of the smart meter is undertaken by your electrical retailer and subsequent provider. Costs are incurred and charged by your electrical retailer. 

For further information on arranging your meter, please call us on 1300 397 763

The installation of a Solar Electricity to your home can be measured three fold. 

1. Direct savings on your energy bills 

2. Property Value Impact

3. Environmental Impact 

Click here for to see our Solar Savings Calculator 

For a cost & obligation free site inspection and electricity usage audit, 
Simply call us on 1300 397 763 

Click here for more information

For further information on how much you can save by assigning your STC's, simply call us on 1300 397 763

Your new solar electricity system has built in 'anti islanding' technology which is designed to shut the system down immediately the electricity grid loses power. This is a safety requirement to ensure that electricity from your system is not fed back into the grid while repairs are being carried out. Once the electricity is restored to the grid, your solar electricity system will automatically reset itself.

A battery Solar System CAN have the ability to provide standby emergency power in the case of a black out. 

For further information on the safety features of a solar electricity system, simply call us on 1300 397 763

As you can appreciate, the amount of solar energy available fluctuates constantly dependent upon the time of year, weather conditions throughout the day and where you live. As a consequence, performance data is generally based around long term statistical averages and 'standardized' conditions. 

If we take a 5kW system installed in Melbourne for example, working on these averages the following would be realistic expectations : 

* Melbourne has around 3.6 'peak' sun hours during the day averaged out over 12 months. 

* As such, a 5kW system could provide around 18 kilowatt hours of electricity per day averaged out over a year under standard operating conditions. 

For further information on our full range of sizes, simply call us on 1300 397 763

The easiest way to work out what size system you are looking for is to refer to our easy to use Solar Calculator to calculate the annual savings on your electricity bill. 

Click here to get started or contact our office on 1300 397 763

As Australia is in the southern hemisphere, to obtain maximum performance solar electricity panels need to be installed facing North, or as close to North as possible. In general, facing collectors in a North Easterly or North Westerly direction will have very little impact on the overall performance. 

While it is possible to face the solar panels directly East or West, this can reduce their efficiency however not as much as you may think and in many cases directing solar panels east or west to match the home usage of power is preferred. 

To find out if your roof is suitable for maximizing solar efficiency, give us a call on 1300 397 763.

Strict Australian Standards guidelines ensure that any solar panels sold in Australia are designed to withstand the ravages of our climate, including things like wind, rain and hail. As an added measure, your new solar electricity system can also be covered by your household insurance.

Just like our range of solar electricity systems vary, types of homes & families and their electricity usage patterns are many and varied. What's ideal for one home may be unsuitable for another. 

We've found that a simple site inspection and audit of your electrical usage patterns provides our customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision on the system that best suits their needs. 

We'll look at things like
Type of roofing material
The available roof space,
The Condition of your electrical meter box
And most importantly WHEN and how you use your electricity.

Yes we can look at google and check your house roof but one we have undertaken your obligation free inspection, you'll have an exact cost of your preferred system, including all the rebate information you're eligible for.

You'll then be able to make an informed decision for your solar solution. 

For a cost & obligation free site inspection and electricity usage audit, simply call us on 1300 397 763

With our team of professional, courteous and fully licensed Installers most installations are completed in one day depending on the size and scope of the work.

This will be done at a time that is convenient to you and all members of your household. We value customer service highly in all aspects of our business at Solar Dynamics and look forward to forming a long lasting relationship with our Customers as we assist you to ensure that your home has a total Solar Solution. 

For a cost & obligation free site inspection and electricity usage audit, simply call us on 1300 397 763