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Hot Water



We are moving closer and closer to an era of energy independence, and in doing so, move more and more towards renewable energies. The iStore air to energy unit presents an effective battery alternative for those keen to invest in solar energy, converting your PV system’s excess solar energy into hot water. In doing so, reduces your water heating costs by up to as much as 70%! With hot water making up on average 30% of a home's energy bills, those are sizable savings.

The iStore’s easy installation, low consumption levels and optimal design makes it one of the best choices on the market for heating your home’s water. Not only that, but it reduces your yearly C02 emissions by as much as 4 tonnes. It does this by harnessing the excess solar energy from your PV system, which would otherwise be sent back to the grid, and using it to power it’s hyper-efficient systems. With hybrid modes available, you can be certain that with the iStore 270L, you’ll never be left without hot water.

Key Benefits


As solar PV systems become more and more affordable, and more and more homes convert to these renewable energies, there’s never been a better time to get an iStore. The iStore is a cost-effective, battery alternative that can cut the costs of heating water for your home by as much as 70%, saving you an average of $950 per year.

It does this by utilising revolutionary air to energy technology, providing fantastic energy conversion rates using the excess energy from your solar PV system that would otherwise be sent back to the grid or stored in a battery. Using only 3-4 kWh per cycle, and with 400% efficiency rates, it is one of the best uses for excess solar energy available on the market today.

Key Benefits

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