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Join the thousands of Australians going solar for their homes and businesses and start saving money on your rising electricity bills today. With packages developed specific to your site, budget and needs, with return on investment calculations, pay back periods, and annual savings estimates that can all be provided based on your individual needs. We will also help your negotiations with Electrical Retailers and Electrical providers to ensure you get the best result for you.

How does solar electricity work?

Photovoltaic (PV) modules convert sunlight into electricity PV modules also commonly referred to as PV panels, are made up of a connected group of PV cells to form a usable size and electricity output. They have no moving parts and are therefore reliable and require little maintenance. PV panels can be expected to last 20 years or more. PVs are suitable for use in urban areas as they take up little space and make no noise.

1 Solar Electric Panels generate electricity when exposed to sunlight.

2 These panels are connected to an inverter which makes the generated electricity suitable for household/ business use.

3 All this Solar generated electricity is consumed directly on the site first with the excess (left over) solar generated electricity fed into the grid for a credit under your states applicable feed-in tariff.

Solar Panel Range

Solar Inverter Range

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